What do our clients say about us and their employers for offering this resource?

My wife and I contacted BOST Benefits and they were very helpful in explaining the difference between our current benefits and what our benefits would be with a Medicare plan. They took all the time to check our medicines and doctors and we were able to save a significant amount of money. We know we can call them with any questions and they are available to help us. Thank you for providing this service to us.

Dennis and Cheryl R.

Recently my wife and I used this resource from our employer for those who were eligible for Medicare. We contacted BOST and from that point on, the assistance was very personal and helpful in getting us on Medicare part B and then on a Medicare plan in our county. Because we live in a Metro area, there were over 72 plans to choose from. BOST sorted our doctors and prescriptions to make sure the plan that we went on had all of that in our network. They also helped us understand how the co-pays work on the advantage plan and made sure we could take advantage of all our benefits on the plan. Thank you to our employer for thinking outside of the box to offer us these services.

Willie and Willinette B.

As an employee in TX, I want to say thanks for offering this service to us. I was not sure how to proceed with applying for part B and how all the parts of Medicare actually worked, but the advisors of BOST spent a great deal of time helping me be comfortable with the benefits of Medicare and a Medicare health plan now that I am turning 65. My benefits are great with low co-pays and the low monthly premium had all my doctors in network. The BOST advisors explained things so I could understand them. Take time to compare as I did, and you will be surprised.

Hahn T.

As a long-time employee, I was skeptical of this opportunity. It just seemed too good to be true. After a consult and a detailed review we had with the BOST advisor, my wife and I proceeded with their recommendations. We signed up for part B and enrolled in a Medicare health plan. All of our doctors were in network and we are saving thousands each year.

Kevin and Connie H.

BOST is so helpful in every way, for Medicare education, nothing is too much trouble for them! I would recommend anyone to utilize their services.

Linda H.

I found BOST to be most helpful in explaining my Medicare options. The representative sat with me and explained all the options – absolutely no pressure. I will be calling BOST again for my personal Medicare decisions.

Jane F.

BOST made the process easy and explained it in a way that I could understand. Talking with them took the hassle and the insecurity out of it for me.

Beth T.

BOST has been extremely helpful to us. The advisor thoroughly explained every aspect of our plan, answered all questions and was totally prepared in all areas. Whenever we called our BOST advisor, he called back immediately. We highly recommend him to everyone!

Bert G.